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Jakub is a Pole Dance artist, Pole Sports athlete and contortion enthusiast.
Before starting Pole in 2012 at the age of 20, he spent 6 years training in Latin Ballroom and 3 years in Contemporary dance, which has helped to influence his unique, eye-catching style.

After just 6 months of training he entered his first competition, the Polish Championships 2013, and placed First. Since then he has gone on to enter numerous other competitions including the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships in 2014, and has taken titles such as the European Pole Art Champion 2015.

In 2016 Jakub was invited, by Felix Cane herself, to compete in Australia at the Felix Cane Pole Championships! The competition involved 20 of the top pole performers from around the globe. His performance at the competition earned him Runner Up.
You can read more about his competitions and titles below.

He is also known for his patience and in-depth teaching stlye. Check out upcoming workshops for more information!

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Considering that Jakub has only been competing for around 3 years, he has gained an impressive competition record, taking First Place in three national competitions and one European competition. In 2014 he was a competitor in the IPSF World Pole Sports Championships and placed in a very respectable Fourth Place.

Jakub's titles include:
Polish Pole Dance Championships 2013 - Skaryszew, Poland (1st)
Hungarian Pole Sport Open 2014 - Budapest, Hungary (1st)
World Pole Sports Championships 2014 - London, England (4th)
European Pole Show Art Championships 2015 - Zagreb, Croatia (1st)
Polish Pole Sport Championships 2015 - Bydgoszcz, Poland (1st)
Felix Cane Pole Championships 2016 - Perth, Australia (2nd)

He is happy to share the experience and knowledge he has gained from competing and training for competitions with students in his classes and workshops.

Polish Pole Sport Championships
European Pole Art Championships
Hungarian Pole Sport Open
Polish Pole Dance Championships

Pole Workshops

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Workshops available worldwide!

Jakub offers a variety of workshops tailored to each group's invidiual needs. Whether you want to work on learning new tricks, combos, power moves, bendy craziness or finding your flow, there's sure to be a workshop on offer that suits you!

If you are a studio owner and are interested in hosting a workshop, please send a message using the form below.

If you are a student, check out Jakub's Facebook page for updates on workshops coming soon near you!

"Jakub is not only a wonderful dancer, but also a fantastic teacher! I am saying this both from a student's and instructor's point of view. Workshops with Jakub are an enourmous dose of positive energy, new tricks and professional knowledge about training pole."

- Daria, Poland

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